Craig Wright

To the American Counsel on Exercise:

I am writing in support of Kamini Fonseca, whom I have know for several years, first as a participant in a group fitness class (cycling) and then as a personal trainer. In my experience Kamini is an excellent instructor who cares about her students. Kamini is always careful to pay attention to all of her students and each receives appropriate instruction. In that way, those who are more advanced feel challenged while at the same time, those who are less accomplished feel encouraged to continue. Kamini was my trainer during a particularly difficult time of my life, as my wife battled cancer -- a battle she ultimately lost. But with Kamini's help I was able to maintain some level of fitness training and was much better off because of it. Kamini is always prepared for class and timely. She has a cheerful attitude and good work ethic. I believe she would be an asset for any team she joins. Please feel free to contact me should desire any additional information. I can be reached on my mobile telephone at 206.390.2978.

Sincerely, Craig Wright

Chief Deputy Attorney General

State of Washington