Thomas Holland

C.O.O. - Pacific Telecom Services, L.L.C.

Metabolic Testing - Nutritional Counseling - Personal Training/Rehab

Marlena Sessions

C.O.O. - Workforce Development Counsel of Seattle King County

Metabolic Testing - Lifestyle Engineering

Mimi Gardner Gates

Director - Seattle Art Museum

Personal Training

Craig Wright

Chief Deputy Attorney General State of Washington

Metabolic Testing - Spin Class Participant - Personal Training

Sheree Johansen

Metabolic Testing - Weight Management -Lifestyle Engineering

Graham McGinnis

Certified Financial Planner

Metabolic Testing - Weight Management

H.S. Wright

H.S. Wright Construction

Sport Specific Training - Group Exercise Class

Bridget Charters

Head Chef Instructor Seattle art Institute

Metabolic Testing - Sports Specific Training/Rehab - Weight Management

Shelly Torgerson

Metabolic Testing - Personal Training

Jerry Stellick

Attorney at Law

Spin Class Participant

Karen Calara

Executive Director BioSports North West Physical Therapy

Metabolic Testing - Personal Training - Therapeutic Exercise

Judy Wilson

Store Owner JCC

Metabolic Testing - Weight Management