Alpine Activities™ is a private organization, in Seattle, Washington, that hosts a wonderful array of high quality Outdoor Activities, Indoor Group Training's, Corporate Wellness Services and Personal Training.

-Personal Wellness -

- Private Group Events -

-Corporate Wellness-

Our instructors have education (BS, MS), hands on experience and certifications in areas such as Outdoor Leadership, Certified White Water Guide, Professional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA-snowshoe, ski, snowboard), Group Exercise (ACE, AIFE, ACSM, IDEA), Personal Training (ACSM, AIFE, ACE), Lifestyles and Weight Management, Nutrition, Sport Specific Training Principles, Plyometrics, Rehabilitation, Special Populations, Strength and Conditioning, Fitness Yoga, Advanced Heart Rate Training, Track and Field, Triathlon Training, Backcountry Route Selection, Avalanche Awareness, Emergency Medical Techniques, as well as Search and Rescue.


  • Develop and institute Outdoor Activities and Wellness Assessment and maintenance programs that encourage education about oneself.

  • Identify and intervene in harmful Wellness, Outdoor or Fitness practice.

  • Promote education and healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Educate in the safe conduct of Outdoor Activities and Fitness Activities and their benefit of such.

  • Recommend appropriate activities for individuals and groups.

  • Foster balance between aspects of life.